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Datalogic Magellan 3550HSi, 2D, multi-IF, kit (USB)

Přidat do oblíbenýchDatalogic Magellan 3550HSi, 2D, multi-IF, kit (USB)
Umístění:Pultový; Konektivita:USB.

Kód produktu3050411
Part numberM3551-010210-07604
Záruka:36 Měsíc(ů)
Skladová dostupnost:Na dotaz
Běžná cena
31535 Kč
Vaše cena bez DPH
19635.54 Kč
Vaše cena včetně DPH
23759 Kč

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Hlídací pes

The Magellan 3550HSi scanner offers many of the features that have made the Magellan family of imaging scanners so successful, including seamless 1D and 2D decoding, solid state electronics, image capture, compact size and easy service access for software updates or configuration changes. It also benefits from the advances made in imaging, illumination, processors and software that Datalogic has brought to the multi-plane market with the Magellan 9800i and 9400i scanners.

Improvements in both hardware and software enable a significant reduction in the brightness of the illumination while improving throughput, depth of field, and speed to read. The gentle, unobtrusive illumination reduces both direct and reflected illumination visible to users. This ensures a comfortable work environment and all day productivity. The Magellan 3550HSi scanner also has a larger, more intuitive scan zone, enabling more comfortable and efficient sweep scanning.

Class leading performance on 1D, 2D, and Digimarc Barcodes whether printed or displayed on smart phones maximizes productivity

Object Sense illumination control automatically optimizes LED levels for improved user ergonomics and lower power consumption

Multiple interfaces in each unit including RS-232, OEM USB, USB Keyboard and USB COM

The FIRST single plane scanner available to support Digimarc Barcode digital watermarks which increase productivity by up to 30% while improving user ergonomics

Flexible enterprise management with the on board Micro-SD card slot, Micro-B USB Service port or using popular remote management software applications

Unmatched reliability for Retail with quality materials, excellent sealing, and an all Solid-State design

Konektivita: USB
Umístění: Pultový
Aktuální cena produktu je23759Kč  s dph
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